Trim Healthy Pregnancy

Should I just jump right into this then? I think I covered enough of my personal deets in the ‘About’ that I think it would be okay to just jump into the first post.

Currently, I am 22 weeks and 4 days pregnant. If you’re like my husband, you’re probably thinking, why add the days? Well, for some mental reason, it makes a big difference to me. I don’t want you thinking I’m just 22 weeks pregnant but I’m not close enough to 23 weeks to announce myself as such. I know, I know … this is really silly. And I’m sure my feelings will change with my future pregnancies and I won’t be as picky (as people say women with their first babies are) but for now, it is important to me. 🙂

I’ve tried looking up online about women who had Trim Healthy Mama pregnancies and if they documented it as they went along. There are a few posts out there but I haven’t found one that recounts the whole experience which is something that really interests me. So I thought, maybe there’s another lady out there like me looking for the same thing? So here’s my story.

20 weeks along. 8 lbs gained.

20 weeks along. 8 lbs gained.

I was introduced to Trim Healthy Mama by my mother-in-law. She never outright recommended the book to me but making healthy food for her family of twelve kids was important to her. So it naturally came up in conversation. She wasn’t my mother-in-law at the time, just the mom of my boyfriend, but she had such a strong faith in the Lord (still does) and creative ideas for her household that I listened to her talk about her experience with THM. (Might I mention, she looks terrific!)

So I bought the book and tried it out. I was seventeen at the time, still living with my parents, so I was maybe 50% on plan. The main reason I started eating the Trim Healthy way was because I have PCOS and had troubles with my cycles. It came to the point that I would go every 3-4 months without one. The plan helped a little bit but not as much as I wanted it too. I lost weight but not all of my problems went away.

I went to see my doctor and she suggested to get an MRI done. So we did that and a pituitary tumor was found. Thankfully, these are usually benign and mine is as well. Aside from a slight raise in my prolactin level, the doctor said it isn’t affecting anything else and that I shouldn’t be worried unless something goes funny with my eyesight. But it sure made me think about the future!

Trim Healthy Mama by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett

Trim Healthy Mama by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett

This happened right before I got married. I’ve always been interested in health and reading medical articles and such. Not to the point of obsession, but it simply interested me and I was interested in how things could affect my symptoms and help me possibly get pregnant easier in the future.

After we were married, I made Trim Healthy Mama meals every day. I brought snacks to work and was lucky enough to get a full hour lunch break to go home and cook something up for the two of us. And my cycles finally were the perfect length apart! The plan was working and I felt great. I didn’t exercise much, a few bike rides and walks around town, but really not much. I was the healthiest I’d ever been.

Five months after our wedding, I became pregnant. The first trimester, I tried so hard to eat on plan but it just didn’t work out. At about fourteen weeks, I felt like I could start eating normal again. Staying healthy and learning about these bodies God gave us is important to me because I want my baby to be as healthy as possible. I know not every mother has the ability to eat this way, as some are sick all the way through their pregnancies and other reasons as well. But for those who are interested in how this works out for me, here it goes!



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