Pregnancy: 23 Week Update

23 weeks

How far along: 23 weeks and 1 day

Total weight gain: 10 pounds (9-11 pounds really, throughout the day)

Stretch marks: Nope. Not yet anyway. I’ve been lotioning up probably about three days a week just because I like the way it smells. But if I’m destined for stretch marks, I don’t think that will stop it!

Sleep: Oh man. These past few weeks, I feel like I’m in the first trimester again. Get up in the night to use the restroom and then early again in the morning. So… not sleeping the greatest right now. My growing belly is also starting to make it harder to find a comfy position.

Miss anything: At this moment, I miss being able to take whatever medicine I want. Especially DayQuil.

Cravings: I’m always up for Chinese food! But for the last few days, I’ve really been enjoying my sprouted toast with peanut butter.

Trim Healthy Mama: I can’t believe how staying on plan makes such a difference. Even one off-plan meal just messes with my stomach and I gain three pounds! I wouldn’t worry about the weight gain but I know when it’s right after a bad meal, that it isn’t a healthy gain or one the baby is benefiting from. I’ve been having crossovers and S helpers mostly. But I’ve also been having E meals more frequently for the first time. I don’t think I’ve ever switched up my fuels this much and I like how I’m learning to get out of the S meal rut. Here’s to learning!

Favorite meal this week: Chicken soup with konjac noodles and veggies and a side piece of buttered Ezekiel bread. I had to have the bread so it wouldn’t be a fuel pull, which I’ve been wary of since becoming pregnant (fuel pull is not suggested as weight loss isn’t your goal). But the soup felt so good on my sore, sick throat!

Symptoms: I’ve been having some round ligament pain, as the doctor put it. And I’ve heard about it but just didn’t know what it felt like. It kind of gets in the way of my exercise some days and I think I might get a pregnancy belt to help with it. We’ll see if it eases up!


A more realistic view of the baby bump.

Mood: Eh. The way I put it is always how I put it when I had PMS. The feelings I have are no different than before; they are just stronger. Like all the sadness I felt and tears I had when I watched Changeling the other day. And when I watched The Fault in Our Stars the other other day. (I probably should stop with the sad movies. But it feels so good to cry!)

Exercise: I go for walks to the post office every day and some times to the park. But I’ve mostly been going for bike rides. I feel like I’m doing more then and I can see much more scenery which has always been one of my favorite parts of exercising. 3-4 bike rides a week for 5-6 miles. Takes about 30-45 minutes each time which I find is the perfect amount.

Movements: I looooove feeling my baby move! I feel like it’s always on the right side of me though. I don’t know why. Even in the ultrasounds, the baby is usually tucked into a little ball on my right side. It’s pretty cute. And I love laying down and watching Netflix with my husband, as his arms are around me and the baby is just going crazy against his hand. The baby moves the most right before I go to sleep. Probably starts about 7pm until whenever I close my eyes. It moves again more in the morning and then isn’t as active during the day.

I wish I could think of more questions about the baby instead of myself! But I guess I don’t know much about the little one right now. The latest ultrasound revealed a big, round nose that we both agree comes from hubby (you can see the picture in the “about” if you like). We aren’t going to find out the gender but hubby is pretty sure from seeing the ultrasound that it’s a girl. I told him if it’s a boy, he will be pretty offended when he hears that story when he’s older!

I’m just so excited to meet this little person that God made for us.



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