Doctors Aren’t a Bad Thing


And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” – Mark 2

I hear a lot of things from Christians about doctors:

“I’m not a fan of doctors. ”    “I don’t like doctors.”    “I go to a midwife, not a doctor. Midwives care more.”    “Doctors don’t listen.”    “You go to a doctor? You know, there’s so many natural remedies you can do yourself. Natural is always better.”   “They just do it for the money.”

A lot of these people really do mean the best, I’ll give them that. They want to make sure I make the best decisions possible, learn from their mistakes, and make sure I’m getting knowledge from someone who actually cares about my body and well being.

But could you look at this verse? Read it. Then reread it. Then read it again. I think you understand what this means. Only the ones who need to be saved, need a savior. That’s a pretty reasonable analogy, right? But do you see who is referred to as the physician here?


Jesus describes himself as a physician. And I think about this verse a lot, whenever I hear these terrible stereo-typical things about doctors from fellow Christian women. GOD DESCRIBES HIMSELF AS A PHYSICIAN. I think this is proof enough that the vocation of being a doctor isn’t a bad thing. I do believe that some people stay away from the doctor because it stems from a feeling of wanting to stay in control.

And I feel like this is such an easy thing to realize but think of all the people in your life who have come close to death or without the intervention of a doctor’s assistance, would not be where they are today. The one who had open heart surgery or the one who got tons of screws in their broken leg to put it back together or the woman who had a life-saving c-section. You can’t fix these things by apple cider vinegar and honey. You need knowledge that is larger than your own, no matter how much you think you’ve got.


All 11 pounds of me, the day of my birth.

I understand everyone has bad experiences with certain doctors. But how does that give you the right to say such mean things about every doctor? You have to admit, you’ve probably heard someone generalize whatever kind of person you are and gotten offended.

It hurts me to know that the ones I hear say this the most are Christian mothers. When I became pregnant, I wrote on a Facebook page about it and was so excited and I got replies back congratulating me but also a lot of comments saying, “I hope you find a midwife you like!” and “Make sure to ask your midwife about c-section rates” and “Oh, you’ll love doulas!” like it was assumed I was going to do all these things. That it is the right things. That it is the only way for a healthy and smart mama to go.

When was the last time you heard something good about a doctor from a Christian woman? In case it’s been awhile, I’ll tell you a little bit I suppose.

Right now, I am very thankful for my OB/GYN. And it’s a man. I know, it’s hard for some people to understand why in the world I would pick a doctor and then have it be a man too. (“Why would a man go to school for doing that anyway? … I don’t trust him.” – comment I heard from a few people which again, is a mean and gross thing to imply about someone especially one you haven’t even met) Believe it or not, he’s a very nice guy and listens so carefully to my concerns and answers all my questions about the delivery. Yes, I even asked all the episiotomy and c-section rate questions and all the normal questions you’d think a young new mom would ask. I picked out this doctor from referrals of my friends in the area. And I still keep finding out from people I know that they go to him and recommend his medical expertise.

Going to a midwife isn’t a bad thing. Having a completely natural birth, if it works for you and your baby, isn’t a bad thing either. But I’d also like to add that going to the hospital isn’t a bad thing. Going to see a doctor isn’t a bad thing. Doctors aren’t just for the uninformed, lazy people who don’t know how to take the least bit care of themselves or don’t even try thinking for themselves.

I think it’s a little sad that we are called to love one another and we remind each other of this all the time. And yet, it’s okay to start a bashing session with our sisters in Christ about how awful doctors are and what they do to our wonderful bodies that God made. I hear this: our bodies are made for child bearing and the best way is doing it completely natural because we were made for it. We were made for perfect childbirth, I do believe that. Eve was, woman was. But we aren’t in our perfect form anymore. We weren’t meant to have such pains, to be ripped in our most intimate areas, and give birth to children like we do. If our bodies are meant to do these things and you tell every woman that “she can do it” all by herself, what about miscarriages? What about c-sections? Are these women lazy? No. It’s the way things are in an imperfect world. And we are all blessed in different ways. If you end up needing a c-section like my mother did with all four of us kids because her body wouldn’t go into labor even with the help of drugs and she couldn’t feel any fetal movement that worried her to death, your child’s birth is just as amazing as the all-natural mother who had a water birth with the help of a doula.

And I know doctors aren’t God. But please remember… if even God called himself a doctor, then you know seeking the help of one isn’t a bad thing.


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