Pregnancy: 25 Week Update


How far along: 25 weeks today

Total weight gain: 15 pounds … yes, you read that right. If you’ve been following this, that is five pounds in the last two weeks. I really need to slow it down. My face looks fuller so I do believe the gain wasn’t a healthy one.

Stretch marks: Still nothing. But still using lotion a couple times a week.

Sleep: I’ve been able to sleep for eight hours a night but I still take some naps during the day. I feel exhausted lately. But I am certain that has to do with how off-plan I’ve been the last 3-4 days.

Miss anything: It’s terrible but I’ve been indulging in almost everything I want! I’ve had soda a couple times in the last week too and that is extremely anti-Trim Healthy Mama. If I do miss anything that I’ve actually refrained from, it is being on a ladder. More specifically, being able to do things by myself. I have a ton of painting projects I want to get done before the baby gets here but my husband and I both agree being on the ladder is not a good idea.

Cravings: Mountain Dew. So. Bad. The urge is very real. I’m not even craving the caffeine high. I just want the smooth, artificial flavor of Mountain Dew.

Trim Healthy Mama: It’s embarrassing really. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much trouble staying on plan. It’s the pregnancy, I know. But I will literally eat anything that’s right in front of me: at church, at my parents’ house, going out with friends to a buffet. I know there is always a way to make a meal THM but sometimes it just feels so much easier to eat what’s in front of me and not think about it. I was actually afraid to make this post because it definitely doesn’t feel like a THM pregnancy right now. But I have to be honest! Because I’m not perfect and need to share all the updates I can. And other women might relate to this too … maybe?


The Faker-Tot Casserole from the Coers Family blog. Find the recipe by clicking the picture!

Favorite meal this week: Hands down, the Faker-Tot Casserole.  I only had one bag of cauliflower so I used that and also a bag of frozen green beans. Awesome combination! Con: I used the rest of my glucomannan powder on this and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get more. I have owned that jar for about a year and a half though so I guess it was about time.

Symptoms: Exhaustion is probably the biggest one right now.

Mood: Irritable. I find the littlest things to be upset about and my husband has gotten the worst of it. At the end of each day, I realize the sins I’ve done and feel so bad for treating him the way I do. He’s been so supportive and amazing and excited about this baby. And yet, I remain so selfish some days and think about what’s best for myself only.

Exercise: Going for 45 minute walks 3-4 times a week and just started taking up squats. TMI ALERT … I’ve been reading how they are much better for you than kegels and if I can get out of doing those, I will. If you’re interested, here is one of the articles I enjoyed reading.

Movements: My favorite part! Just this morning, I woke up with the baby making movements on both sides of my tummy at once. That was a first! I’ve just imagined the baby being such a small little thing and for once, felt like it was so big that I could feel it all the way across my tummy. My 16-year-old brother came over the other night and my husband made him feel my stomach. The baby kicked him within just a couple of seconds to his touch and his face was priceless! He looked almost scared. Hehe.

The overview? Even though I’m kinda sad I gained so quickly this last week and disappointed in myself for going off-plan so often, just feeling the baby move and seeing my husband glow with happiness totally makes up for it. I will try to get back on track but also will pray that I don’t get caught up in thinking of myself that I lose track of how I’m treating others around me.


What was your favorite Trim Healthy Mama meal this week?



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