Pregnancy: 27 Week Update


How far along: 27 weeks today! So close to the third trimester! Eek!

Total weight gain: 15 pounds. I’ve actually managed to maintain since the last update! To be honest, I think I lost a few pounds I didn’t need in just a few days of better eating and then slowly gained it back healthily 🙂

Stretch marks: No but my tummy has been so itchy! I’ve kicked up the lotioning to every night now. Plus, it feels so good to rub my belly. Looks kinda funny I’m sure… but so delightful.

Sleep: Getting up to use the restroom more but finding a comfortable position hasn’t been too difficult. And guess what?! My parents stopped by the other day to drop off a brand new recliner for me. My mom said, “Here’s my baby present.” I’ll take it! My mom has told me over the years that in her last trimester with us kids, she could only ever fall asleep in her recliner. We’ll see if that’s true for me or not!

Miss anything: Just today, it popped into my head that I miss bowling. My husband and I actually did that quite a bit when we were dating and even after we were married. It was something fun to go out and do. But now I don’t think it’s a good idea, beings I sometimes get ligament pain and it makes my husband nervous. So I’ll be okay missing out on bowling for awhile. I’ll live!


A recipe from Jen Saves for a chocolate sauce that will not disappoint.

Cravings: Chocolate almond milk! Awesome for a bedtime snack. Someone gave me a recipe for a THM-approved chocolate syrup that is awesome. I’ve also been having cravings of peanut butter Ezekiel toast. Great crossover idea for all you pregnant women!

Trim Healthy Mama: The times I feel the best is when I eat the Trim Healthy Mama way. Our budget has been a little tighter so I haven’t been able to try a lot of new recipes with special ingredients. I’ve also ran out of my erythritol which is my to-go sweetener for everything. So I’ve had to pretty much rely on the basics. But that’s okay! What my menu has been looking like lately:

Breakfast: peanut butter on sprouted toast (Crossover) At this moment, eggs sound terrible to me!

Snack: peanut butter protein cups (S)

Lunch: leftovers or some kind of quick, homemade soup like chili (usually S)

Snacks: chocolate milk (Fuel Pull) or brownie-in-a-mug (S) or plain homemade wheat bread (E) or occasionally all of them …

Supper: meatloaf and green beans (S) or chicken with stir-fry veggies (usually make it S) or some kind of taco thing I make up (S)

Snacks: my husband likes popcorn sprinkled with yeast flakes (Crossover with his big bowl! Lol) but I usually stick to my above snacks

Favorite meal this week: Not really a “meal” but a new recipe that I tried this week with Gwen’s Nest Easy Bread. I can’t believe I’ve never had it before actually. I’m one of those people who will spend $5 on a loaf of Ezekiel bread because when I find something I like, I just kinda stay with it. But this is much more affordable. As for meals this week, I’m looking forward to trying a yummy crossover recipe I found; taquitos using corn tortillas. Looking forward to telling you how they are!

Symptoms: Itchy tummy, more frequent urinating (never liked that word … sorry I had to use it), and I feel more of a need to sleep longer.

Mood: Constantly changing but I become weepy very easily.

Exercise: Going for walks when it’s nice out and still doing my squats. My husband seems to enjoy watching so that’s a little encouraging 😉

Movements: Holy moly! This baby wakes me up every morning with its jumping jacks or whatever it’s doing. He/she is constantly moving. No one even has to press their hand that hard on my stomach anymore to feel like. They can just rest their hand and the baby knows to try and shoo it away.

An additional comment I’d like to make, is about that 3-hour glucose test I took this morning. It was definitely not an enjoyable experience. My arms are sore from all the pricks and my stomach is still trying to get back to its normal self, after downing 100 grams of dextrose in two minutes. But I do have some good news: my numbers came back normal and I do not have gestational diabetes. I feel like I was such a whiny baby in my last post about it. But you know, before I got the call about how I was just fine, I had actually convinced myself at that point that I did have gestational diabetes and that I was ready for it. I felt like with God’s help, that I could’ve handled it.

But God blessed me in several ways: letting me free of the worry about GD, many prayers from people I know and people I don’t, and a healthy body that will hopefully continue to thrive for this baby.

Thank you for all your prayers. It really means a lot especially when someone I don’t even know prays for my child.


Have you ever had a Trim Healthy Mama pregnancy?



2 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 27 Week Update

  1. My second pregnancy I was on plan completely from about 15 weeks to birth and through the postpartum period to 9 months. After that I did more crossovers and added in unrefined sweeteners following a grain free diet and was able to maintain doing that. Super active last year cycling and running. I think getting pregnant in the winter I tend to gain more because I’m not as active. With Cameron I gained 32 pounds and I think I’m right around that now with BabyT#3 at 32 weeks. But I’ve only been completely on plan for a few weeks out of this pregnancy between 75-90% the rest of time.

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    • Cycling is one of my favorite forms of exercise. And I was wondering about that myself, as my due date is November 30th. Here in South Dakota, winters usually last through April and it’s not uncommon to have snow still on the ground at that time. I have a feeling that I will not be losing too quickly this winter after the baby arrives but I’m looking forward to taking the babe out on walks with me in the Spring!


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