Meal Plan: 9/3 – 9/17

Darcie’s Dishes inspired me to start my own meal plan. I do this already when making my grocery list by creating a list of 14 dinners, a couple of lunches and breakfasts. But never super organized like Monday, Tuesday, etc. I make my meal plans for two weeks because our store is 30 minutes away (just countryside between here and there) and we only have one vehicle at the moment. And I usually do it on Thursdays because my husband usually gets his paycheck on Wednesdays. So we kind of have a start of a system.

This post is mostly for myself so I can have a place where I link to the recipes that I want to use. And I thought it would be helpful to try the everyday-planned approach. Lately, I haven’t had enough dinner leftovers to use for my lunches the next day! So I’m trying to take care of that. These meals are planned to fit with the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle so if the (meal type) confuses you, just ask.

Side note: my husband isn’t usually home for lunch so he just brings a packed lunch of two turkey and cheese sandwiches with an occasional fruit or bag of pickles. So really, the weekday meals are for one person except the dinners and desserts that we share.

Thursday, Sept. 3rd

  • B – Gwen’s Nest Easy Bread with peanut butter (co)
  • L – leftover meatloaf with Dreamfield’s pasta (s helper)
  • S – visiting with friend (small, off plan snack)
  • D – Bagel Dogs (s)

Friday, Sept. 4th

  • B – Coco Caramel Crunch Cereal (s)
  • L – chicken w/ brown rice and red pepper slices (e)
  • S – plain Gwen’s Nest bread (e)
  • D – attending a wedding rehearsal (try for an s, might be off plan)

Saturday, Sept. 5th

Sunday, Sept. 6th

  • B – finish my Gwen’s Nest bread with peanut butter (co)
  • L – out to eat with family (s) or leftover soup (e)
  • S – Quest bar (s)
  • D – Tacos and avocado (s helper)

Monday, Labor Day

  • B – No Bake Cherry Cheesecake and instead of sugar-free pie filling, I am going to make a sauce with some frozen cherries I already have and hopefully this will make 3 servings to keep in fridge (s)
    • 1 cup fresh pitted cherries
    • ¼ cup water
    • ½ cup sweetener
    • 1 tablespoons glucomannan
    • ¼ teaspoon almond extract
  • L – out for family picnic (not sure about fuel yet but hoping to stay on plan!)
  • S – Skinny Chocolate (s)
  • D – Burgers on cauliflower buns (s)

Tuesday, September 8th

  • B – Whisked egg with a sprinkle of mozzarella and a few pepperonis then fried (s)
  • L – Crockpot Mexican Beans and chicken, if any leftover (e)
  • S – Cookies n Creme shake (s)
  • D – my homemade chili recipe (s)
  • Late night snack – No Bake cheesecake (s)

Wednesday, September 9th

  • B – Whisked egg with a sprinkle of mozzarella and a few pepperonis then fried (s)
  • L – leftover chili (s)
  • S – Cinnamon bread (e)
  • D – Kai Si Ming which is basically eggroll in a bowl (pg. 331) (s)

Thursday, September 10th

  • B – the last No Bake cheesecake in the fridge (s)
  • L – quinoa and chicken w/ diced tomato and spices (e)
  • S – lavish bread roll ups made with with spiced cream cheese, mozzarella, and sandwich ham (s)
  • D – Parmesan chicken with veggie side (s)

Friday, September 11th

  • B – oatmeal with a little applesauce and cinnamon (e)
  • L – out with family for a garage sale hopping day (off plan)
  • S – Quest bar (s) will keep in purse if not home yet
  • D – homemade enchiladas with shredded chicken, salsa and cheese (s)

Saturday, September 12th

  • B – if I’m even up, an egg (s)
  • L – leftover lavish roll ups or leftovers (s)
  • S – leftover cinnamon bread (e)
  • D – Spaghetti Casserole (s)

Sunday, 1st Wedding Anniversary

  • B – Blueberry muffins (s)
  • L – TBD!
  • S – leftover muffins (s)
  • D – hoping Texas Roadhouse 🙂  so … steak and veggies (s)

Monday, September 14th

  • B – leftover blueberry muffins and protein shake if I need it (s)
  • L – leftover spaghetti casserole (s)
  • S – peanut butter toast (co)
  • D – homemade Sloppy Joes with plan-approved bread (s or s helper)

Tuesday, September 15th

Wednesday, September 16th

  • B – the other half of the rollup (s)
  • L – leftover casserole (e)
  • S – some version of Skinny Chocolate (s)
  • D – my homemade meatloaf and green beans (s)

Thursday, September 17th

  • B – a version of muffin a mug (s)
  • L – leftover meatloaf, made into chili if not much left and the rest put in freezer (s)
  • S – Skinny Chocolate (s)
  • D – might bring something home from town after grocery shopping (tbd)

Additional Snacks/Desserts If Wanted


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