My Trim Healthy Mama Tips


There are a lot of posts out there with tips on being successful in your Trim Healthy Mama journey. These are some things that I’ve learned through my experience that I thought I’d share with you! I thought, the worst that could happen is that they are unhelpful to you or repeats of things you’ve already heard. Anywho, here’s some things that I did that helped me stay on track!

First, don’t get rid of all your non-acceptable foods. I’m sure you’ve heard before starting some other kind of eating plan to get rid of all your non-acceptable foods. But let’s be real here! You’re probably on a budget and can’t really do that. If there are items you can use up within a week or so, slowly use them up. You’re just starting to learn the plan, getting to know how things work and will probably slowly start to incorporate some Trim Healthy Mama meals into your plans. I’m not saying to keep all your prepackaged sugar treats … but if you have to use white rice in your meals just for a little while until you are out so you can buy brown rice, then it’s okay! It’s not the end of the world.

Don’t keep your favorite, unhealthy foods in the house. My husband likes chips. Tons of chips. And he doesn’t want me to stop buying them on my grocery trips. One problem here– I like chips too! So as a compromise, I buy flavored chips that I have absolutely no desire to eat (like BBQ flavor, yuck). Same with flavors of soda. If he asks for something that you know you will want to eat, ask him if you can get an alternative flavor. If your guy is like mine, he probably won’t care!

Never stop trying to find an approved dessert that you like. It can be hard to find something sweet that tastes good to you, especially at first. It can be discouraging because sugar is one of the first things you give up when starting the plan! It may take a little while and playing around with sweeteners to find the one you like. I prefer plain old erythritol. Not a stevia fan! Even if one recipe doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to (and believe me, there will be some!), don’t stop searching for it.

Try to find new, healthy alternatives for old junk you used to eat. What’s harder than NOT eating things from your old habit, is not having a replacement for it. And if you are having trouble, you can search for just about anything online. I’ve looked up “low carb brownie” and “sugar free Nutella recipe” and sometimes even more specifically, “THM french dressing”. Pinterest is a wonderful tool!

Join a Trim Healthy Mama group on Facebook. It is so nice to have a large (103,090 members as of today!) group of supportive women to ask questions to and ones who can relate that are in the same place in their journey. You will never feel alone! There is rarely a time that I see a post on their page go unanswered. And if you are really lucky, you might get Pearl (one of the authors) to comment on it! That happened once to me and I felt like I was talking to a celebrity (which is always pretty cool). There are other Trim Healthy Mama groups as well. I currently am a part of the main page, pregnant & nursing, pcos, beginners and the challenge. Not all of these are official pages but have wonderful and helpful people on each one.

Make a meal plan. Now I know you’ve heard this before! And you might be one who huffs and puffs whenever you see someone mention it. But there’s a reason so many people recommend it. Some pros: you save money (especially on fresh foods because they won’t go bad if you have plans for when you are going to use them), you don’t have to think about what you will make for supper, and it’s fun! Seriously, it is. I always look forward to browsing recipes online to add some new flavor to the table. Which brings me to the next tip …

Keep trying new things. Keep experimenting. Keep having fun. Keep looking at pictures of yummy, plan-approved desserts you tell yourself you will try to make someday and end up just making yourself another Muffin in a Mug because you spent too long trying to decide what you were gonna make. Keep finding new ways to enjoy Trim Healthy Mama!

Remember to keep switching your fuels! Keep your metabolism guessing. No matter how many times I was told this in the beginning, I stayed away from E meals as much as possible. I came from an Atkins background, not a low-fat one. So adding those into my plans were a hard thing for me. But my progress didn’t really shine until I added E meals! So if anything, remember: all fuel types are your friends, as long as your body keeps guessing which one you are inviting over.

I could probably make an even longer list but enough hearing from me!


What are some of your tips to a successful Trim Healthy Mama journey? No matter how far you’ve come in your weight loss or how “experienced” you think you are or not, I want to know what has helped you!



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