little surprises

What a full week it’s been! And a great one at that. I feel like so much has happened.

My husband and I went to our first prenatal/birthing class in the town where we will be having the baby. It was interesting and I found out that he knew more about the process of labor than I do. (I say it’s because he’s the second oldest of 12 kids and not just way smarter than me or anything.) It is quite a group that we are with. We had to go around the room and introduce ourselves to begin. The party-going couple behind us were loud the whole time, blurting out unsolicited jokes on the instructor. So I was feeling a little bad for the instructor but she took it well. The rest of the crowd seemed like common folks from around the area, young country-living couples with their first baby. The room contained a lot of cowboy boots and tired, I’ve-been-working-all-day faces. I feel like we fit in well.

I’m looking forward to the next one tomorrow night where we get to tour the laboring rooms. Husband isn’t as excited as me because the classes are 2.5 hours long and, well, it’s all about women’s laboring bodies. But when he was there last time, he actually seemed to be tolerating it well! I know he’s only doing it for me and for that, I’m extremely grateful.

My mother and sister and I participated in the town’s citywide rummage sales on Friday. We never skip out on this! Twice a year, my mom takes her “change jar” to the bank and trades it for cash to be her limit for the day. It was always fun as kids to guess how much money was in the jar. If we guessed the closest, she would get us a candy bar or something cool.

So anyway, we had a terrific day! My “garage sale limit’ was the small money I made from singing at a wedding a couple weeks ago. I bought some maternity clothes, a few new shirts for the man, a movie, some boy and girl baby outfits (not finding out gender!) and a CD for my Eminem fan husband.

I had $2 left of my personal limit when we were almost done for the day. We had to check out just a few more garage sales that we were planning on stopping at. We had been going strong from 10am to 5pm, just hopping from house to house. (That might sound crazy to some but if you are a garage sale or bargain fan, it really is one of the most fun things!)

At one of the last houses, I found these …


Yes, a BRAND NEW Boba carrier and a BRAND NEW Moby wrap. I was beyond excited! I’d be researching for these things for literally months and knew the real value of them. I was out of my limit but my husband and I have a “baby fund” set aside so I knew I could get them. My mom had the cash at the time and I paid her back afterward. $55 for the Boba and $15 for the Moby! The lady running the garage sale said her daughter was given a couple of each of these so she didn’t need them all. That’s fine with me!

So I was having a very happy day and now, evening. My mom dropped me off at my house after the long day and we brought my rummage sale treasures inside. My husband was home from work already and mowing the lawn. I waved to him. The minivan left our driveway and I went back inside and to the kitchen. And sitting on the table was this …


Right away, I sat down at the table and just bawled. Our anniversary was a few days away. And these flowers were our wedding colors. In fact, it almost looks exactly like my bouquet.

I sat there, at our kitchen table in the house that we’ve owned since May, seven months pregnant with our first baby and just crying about how amazing my husband is. I thought I was crying enough already but when I opened the little card he wrote… I was a mess.

I went outside with my ugly cry-face and to the backyard where he was mowing. He was just smiling away at me. I walked up to him and he turned off the mower. He just laughed. “What? What are you crying about?”

And I just told him that he knew because he did and he hugged me out in the middle of our half-mowed yard. And man… I’m just gonna crying thinking about it! Haha. Oh, pregnancy hormones.

Yesterday was our anniversary. It didn’t start out too wonderful because we were ten minutes late for church. That doesn’t sound too bad but we live two blocks away and my father is the pastor so my family sits in the second pew to the front. I had tried waking the husband up a couple times and he groggily told me, “I’m getting up.” When I finally went back to the bedroom and yelled at him (which I have since repented of) to get up and that we were going to be late, he looked at me so confused and angrily and got up.

It was an intense and not-so-happy trip to the church. But we got over it and I later found out that he was so tired that he doesn’t even remember me coming into the room and asking him to get up the several times, even when he talked to me. He just remembered the one time I came in yelling at him. So I felt bad for that.

But the day got tons better. We sat and relaxed as he watched football and I read a book. Then we went to the small park in town and played a round of frisbee golf, which he always wins. Then we went to the slightly bigger town a half hour away to eat at a fancier restaurant. It was a great supper and we came home and watched a movie.

The Lord is good and has blessed me far beyond my angry-for-being-late, guilt-my-hubby-into-birthing-class, overreacting self deserves.


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