Pregnancy: 29 Week Update


How far along: 29 weeks today. I’m probably one of the few people who look forward to Mondays!

Total weight gain: 15 pounds. Very happy about this. This means I’ve maintained for the last four weeks. I was starting to freak out at the 25 week mark with this gain! I guess maybe “maintained” isn’t the right word. Technically, I haven’t gone OVER the 15 mark. I fluctuate.

Stretch marks: Nope.

Sleep: Up twice every night. Once at around 4am for the bathroom and a few hours later for the bathroom again, when husband gets up for work.

Miss anything: Getting off the couch easily. Husband likes to laugh and call me “way prego” when he sees me try to get up. I do admit I like the attention. 😉

Cravings: I’ve never been much for sweets. In the past, I would’ve grabbed a bag of chips over a bag of cookies. But lately, I feel like I’ve been pinning more dessert recipes rather than meals to my Pinterest. I think that says something …

Trim Healthy Mama: Been feeling wonderful about Trim Healthy Mama! I’ve had a few off plan meals when going to a wedding and a road trip and a church potluck. But it’s so easy to get right back on track and not fret over the “wrong” things I ate. I always enjoy being home and cooking something “plan approved” but I also enjoy being invited over to family outings and participating in the taste-testing of new things my friends have made.

Favorite meal this week: I used it as a snack, not a meal. But my favorite new recipe this week was Briana Thomas’ Mock Oreo shake. So yummy! And just what I needed. I highly recommend trying it. I will be making it again in the future, I’m sure.


A recipe from Briana Thomas. Click on image to check it out.

Symptoms: Bathroom trips, easy crying, shortness of breath.

Mood: ^ tearful but this is included with all kinds of emotion. I’m not eternally sad. Just very emotional.

Exercise: Short bike rides during errands, five minute squats… with how busy I’ve been, I haven’t been keeping up with my walks for the last week or so. But the weather has been nice! And I should start taking advantage of it.

Movements: All the time. One of my favorite things.

My sister takes a picture of my belly every four weeks and I’ve been putting them together to see the difference. And this last one, there wasn’t a really noticeable change in my opinion. Doc says the baby is growing and that’s good. But I’m not seeing it from the outside lately. I’ve been feeling like eating more crossovers lately so maybe, just maybe, the baby and I are getting ready for another growth spurt?

Now it’s …. QUESTION TIME!

In any of your pregnancies, did you cry easily? If so, do you have an entertaining story to share involving that? 🙂



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