Meal Plans 9/18 – 10/1

Last time when I did the meal plan, I planned every single day to try something different. And I decided it didn’t really help much in our situation! So I will go back to my old way of meal planning and just make a list of how many meals I believe we’ll need these two weeks.

My Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan

(for pregnancy weeks 29 – 31)





  • S – Nut Clusters
  • S – Cookies N Creme shake
  • S – half lavash bread with cream cheese and ham
  • S – Quest bar (bring along for a trip)
  • E – strawberries w/ chocolate syrup
  • E – my homemade cinnamon bread
  • FP – almond milk w/ chocolate syrup

Additional Desserts (if wanted)

Not as big a shopping trip this week! We will be visiting family for four days out of town. So I would normally have a few more dinners listed. But I think this should last us!


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