Pregnancy: 31 Week Update


How far along: 31 weeks and 1 day.

Total weight gain: 15-16 pounds.

Stretch marks: No but the veins on my tummy are making an odd appearance. They don’t hurt or pop out or anything but they are just so much more visible to me, along my collarbone as well.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping in so not many breakfasts being made, usually skipping right to lunch. I don’t sleep all the way through though. I am up several times and usually sleep for 3-4 hour periods.

Miss anything: Fitting into my favorite maternity jeans … the band is now too tight on my belly, especially when sitting down. I’ve tried to ignore it for the last couple weeks but it’s gotten to the point where I believe I need to get a new pair. I think this is because the baby has been going into the head down position a lot and even when I wear my pants lower, it’s too tight now.

Cravings: Peanut butter toast. Such a yummy Crossover for breakfast time!DSCN8283

Trim Healthy Mama: I could not be happier about the plan right now. I learn more and more every day about what my body and my baby’s body needs and when. It is one of the coolest learning experiences ever! Anddddd I got the new cookbook today!!! So excited. I’ve been browsing it all afternoon and making meal plan ideas in my head. I was talking to my husband about it when it first came out about two weeks ago now and he said I should buy it. I wasn’t convinced 100% to get it because it wasn’t set in our month’s budget plans. But then I found out the pre-sale price of $15 would be ending soon so I bought it. Later, my mother reassured that I shouldn’t feel selfish because the cookbook is for the growing family I have and my husband and baby will benefit from it too. That made me feel better! It’s just so hard to believe something so awesome and fun to buy that feels like a Christmas present I bought for myself is also an amazing way to care for my family!

Favorite meal this week: We just got back from a four-day trip to my in-law’s house in Wisconsin. It was a great time to spend with friends that we haven’t seen for a long time and to catch up with his parents and the ten (out of eleven) sisters that still live at home. One thing that just adds to the awesomeness is that my husband’s mother is also a Trim Healthy Mama so I was treated to awesome food (meals, cookies, different variations of Good Girl Moon Shine) and I never had to make any of it! Haha. I think my favorite meal was when no one had to prep the food and we had a nice night out with his parents to Texas Roadhouse, where I had an indulgent crossover of steak, green beans, and a sweet potato.

Symptoms: My appetite has kicked up! So I’ve been having crossovers more lately. But it hasn’t affected my weight in a negative way at all! I love being pregnant 🙂


A more realistic view of the babe.

Mood: Excited! My husband has been working on the upstairs bedrooms lately too. Which really surprised me because the “official” nursery wasn’t supposed to be done until next Spring or Summer. Still don’t think it will be done in time for the babe’s arrival but so thankful for the hub’s hard work and determination 🙂

Exercise: Getting back into my Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project DVDS. And the weather is so nice that I’ve been taking more walks as well.

Movements: All the time. I’m so thankful too.

Now it’s …. QUESTION TIME!

What are your favorite, tried and true recipes from the new Trim Healthy Mama cookbook so far?

And if you don’t have the cookbook, are you planning on getting it?


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