Pregnancy: 33 Week Update


How far along: 33 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain: 16-18 lbs

Stretch marks: Not that I can see.

Sleep: Been getting up three times a night on average for the restroom. But then I sleep in until about ten every morning so in the long run, I don’t feel deprived at all.


Best I could take of a direct side view.

Miss anything: Non-existent back pain. I’ve always had problems with my neck but right in between my shoulder blades is just killer sometimes. During our last birthing class when us women were having practice relaxation back rubs from our men, my husband laughed when I said, “I can’t wait to be in labor!” Of course, I probably won’t enjoy it as much when the time comes but that was a good night in the classroom!

Cravings: Good carbs. I’ve really been enjoying my brown rice and Soft Sprouted Bread (from the new Trim Healthy Mama cookbook). And I’m always in the mood for peanut butter on wheat bread!

Trim Healthy Mama: It’s second nature to me now and I really enjoy it! I feel like I’m indulging every day in the food I enjoy (and some that I’ve how come to like) and that makes me feel kinda spoiled. Haha. I wish everyone could know what it feels like and that I could explain to people how awesome it feels without anyone thinking that I’m talking about it because of weight. It makes your whole body feel amazing! And there are times and days when I honestly forget I’m pregnant. I just don’t feel the lack of energy and all the icky feelings I’ve heard from people about what it would feel like to be pregnant.

Favorite meal this week: These aren’t really “meals” by themselves but I’m definitely enjoying my new cookbook. I’ve tried many new recipes and some of my favorites are the Fudge Swirl Brownies and Soft Sprouted Bread (that I made into rolls to eat with soup, yummmmm). How can I feel deprived when I get to have bread?! (Also, eating my Butterfly Wings Cake -THM angel food- as I write this.)


A funnier picture of the basketball I stole.

Symptoms: Bathroom breaks! Increased appetite, shoulder/back pain, and probably some nesting 😉

Mood: Easily irritable. I feel like I have a lowered patience level. Obviously not a very enjoyable mood for others around me! I also watched the movie “12 Years a Slave” the other day and I was crying pretty hard during that last scene. So the mood: just the same emotional me.

Exercise: Going for walks multiple times a week and doing a few videos here and there.

Movements: One of the cutest things happened the other day. My husband and I were laying down in bed, just watching the babe move around from the outside. And he said, “Oh it’s so cute!” He put his hand on my belly and said it was “two little feetsies” and he had just the biggest, purest happiness in his face.


We rearranged the room and got the crib all set up. His grandma just bought us a new car seat that is coming the mail too. I feel like things are starting to come together for this babe.


What would you consider a “must have” for the labor/delivery or postpartum?


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