Pregnancy: 35 Week Update


How far along: 35 weeks and 2 days

Total weight gain: 20 lbs

Stretch marks: Not from my view.

Sleep: Eh. Some days I could probably use more but for the most part, I sleep in on a regular basis. But I sure do feel it if I didn’t get enough!

Miss anything: Endurance. I have energy but I feel like my body itself can not go for very long; walking, stretching, anything really. It gets to the weak and sore point pretty fast.

Cravings: Anything peanut butter.

Trim Healthy Mama: The past week hasn’t been very good. Our money got low for awhile so I didn’t do grocery shopping so to get by, I had probably one off plan meal a day. Which doesn’t seem like much to some who don’t know about THM but it really adds up and you can feel it (not in a good way).

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and using some gift cards we received, I bought a ton of food to make some freezer meals to have for after the baby comes. It makes me feel good that I know I won’t have to be ordering pizza just because I don’t feel like making anything. Getting the freezer filled with good, healthy food before the baby comes was a top thing on my list! (And I’m glad I’m this much closer to getting it done.) I may have overdone my use of store bought “frankenfood” low carb wraps but they are so easy in every way that I couldn’t help putting them in the plans.

Favorite meal this week: A beef vegetable soup I made up. The whole pot was shared with my husband, brother, and I. Can’t believe a half pound of meat went that far! It was hamburger (93% lean), some carrots, celery, a medium sweet potato, beef broth, some tomato paste, and some good spices. I will be making it again, I’m sure! My husband was actually a big fan of it.

Symptoms: Trouble getting off the couch, getting out of bed, shaving legs. Sounds funny to say at 35 weeks along but I’m finally feeling pregnant.

Mood: Not crying as much lately (husband’s not complaining). But I get so irritated at things not going my way. Just yesterday, the Walmart shelf was empty of the product I was looking for and several times, they were out. I can’t tell you how frustrating that is to me! I only go to that town maybe once every three weeks now and when something like that happens, I get upset.

Exercise: Not doing much actually. I have gone on a few walks but nothing to really mention, as it’s been probably over a week since doing that. Spending a lot of time inside preparing for the babe and just general taking care of the house, which seems to be taking longer and longer for me each day.

Movements: Oh the babe moves like crazy every day! I’m surprised it hasn’t just coming wiggling out of me yet. Soon! 🙂

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