Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks


How far along: 37 weeks + 5 days

Total weight gain: 22-24 lbs. Haven’t hit that 25 lb number… yet 😉

Stretch marks: No sir.

Sleep: Not the greatest. Some nights are great and some are absolutely terrible.

Miss anything: Fitting into clothes! Even the majority of my maternity clothes don’t fit over my belly anymore. Hence the really big shirt in the picture above. It’s either clothes are way too small or too big. And for once in my life, I’m preferring the big clothes.

Cravings: Mountain Dew. All the time!

Trim Healthy Mama: I go days in a row eating wonderfully and feeling great. But then one day can come and I fill my Mountain Dew craving and eat everything in sight if I go too long without eating. The last few days have been the hardest just because I don’t want to be in the kitchen. I’ve been eating a lot of “frankenfoods” like store bought tortillas and Dreamfields pasta. Not ideal but they keep me on track enough when I don’t feel like it most.

Favorite meal this week: I continue to eat sprouted bread with peanut butter. My favorite crossover ever. I do believe this is something that I will continue to eat while breastfeeding. When I get extremely hungry and I’m at home, I’ll just pop in two pieces of Ezekiel bread in the toaster and drown it with Smucker’s Natural pb. Yum yum yum.

Symptoms: Lots of cramping going on and pinching. Just went to the dr two days ago for our weekly (yes, weekly now!) appointment and they checked the size of the babe out. He/she is estimated at 7 lbs 2 oz. I couldn’t have been more thankful! The tech made sure to tell me, “BUT it could be off a pound either way.” But I was thinking, it could be two pounds heavier and that’d be ok! I was 11 lb 2 oz at birth (husband was over 10) and just that the dr thinks my babe is in the 57 percentile means a lot.

Anyway, also in the appointment, I asked the doc what station the baby’s head is at because in the last few appointments he just told me it was “really low”. He told me this time it was at 0 station! This could be completely normal, I don’t know. But for the last few nights, I’ve been feeling lots more pressure and things happening. So I know the day is getting near!

Mood: All over the place. Last night I was crying to my husband because I finally came to the realization that I don’t know if I will be able to deliver exactly the way I want to. I’ve been wanting a natural hospital birth which is totally an option here (not the water birth part but they are encouraging of different options). But (TMI ALERT!!!) after a particularly painful bathroom trip, I was devastated to think that labor is worse than THAT and THAT already had me praying to God. So anyway … I’m kind of losing my courage at this point …

Exercise: Just walking now and stretches when I feel like I need them. My husband doesn’t want me out walking by myself because my “pinching” feeling getting pretty intense when I walk too long (anything more than 15 minutes), especially with that baby’s head RIGHT there, feeling like its about to peak out. But walking feels good even though I can’t go as fast as I used to just weeks ago.

Movements: The babe doesn’t have huge bursts of movement like he/she used to. They feel slower now but they still happen a lot. I can only imagine how much room is in there. He/she can only kick its feet under my ribs so high. 🙂

Just waiting until that day comes! Some nights I feel like there’s NO WAY I will go into labor two weeks from now, it definitely will happen this week. And then some days like now, I’m afraid to think it will stay in for another THREE! My, my my. We’ll just have to wait and see.

And because I think selfies are misleading of how big I actually am, here’s a timeline:


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks

  1. Found, “The Rest Of The Story” below! Congratulations on your sweet baby boy and new home and lifestyle! My first three were boys, and they were grand and still are! Finally, got my sweet baby girl 17+ years ago and she is such an incredible blessing to me and all she meets. Children are indeed such an heritage. May the Lord keep blessing your sweet family!


  2. Surely you have had your sweet, little one by now!?😂. I so hope you all are doing well. The BB cookies look great. My husband loves them, I could never eat them again and be fine! But, they are on THM, and your cookies look great! Pinned and will try soon! Thanks for all of your hard work. Would love an update, but just realized I may not have scrolled to the bottom. Blessings to you and yours.


  3. Keep trekking on! These last few days will seem to drag out, but in a blink you’ll be holding your precious baby in your arms! I was so nervous/afraid with my first baby that I wouldn’t be able to have the birth like I wanted- all naturally. But I was able to do it! It was hard work, but you can do it too! Something to keep in mind if things don’t go according to plan, you and your baby are more important than your plans! 🙂 You’ll do great!

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