Trim Healthy Mama Printables



This is a free, printable packet for a Trim Healthy Mama challenge for your personal use. I made the first page and shared with other mamas. Then someone suggested I make a whole calendar, etc! I thought that was a great idea.

So I made these for ones who have already learned what the plan is all about but just wanted some fun fill-in-the-blanks for along the way. It’s always exciting to actually see progress and I hope this helps you!

You can download them all here and print from your computer:

Of course, you could always just save these images directly to your computer and print off as well if you are more comfortable with that. (Though DropBox is totally a reliable site!) Now to break down what the pages actually mean:


You can write down a little fun “reward” for when you reach that day on plan. Check the box when you’ve completed that day and then you can get/do that special thing you picked out! Here’s some ideas from mine: movie rental, a new nail polish, new-to-me outfit, go ice skating, order wedding prints, bowling night with hubby …


Print 2 of these! One for your start date and another to see how far you’ve come at the end.


This is a visual reminder of what day you are on. You can fill these in as you go along or draw a big, victorious X through them!


Print as many of these as you’d like! It’s helpful to some people to write out a list of what they are going to eat so they can look forward to the next meal. And it saves you money when you know exactly what you will buy when going to the store! Circle what “fuel type” you will be using as a visual aide to make sure you are switching up fuels.


Last but not least … a cute little grocery list!

Enjoy! And remember, Trim Healthy Mama isn’t a diet that you go on and off and on again. It’s a way of lifelong eating. The idea of the 6 weeks is just a fun way to challenge yourself!

Happy eating to all.



Someone requested a Trim Healthy Man measurement sheet. So here you go!


Save the above image or download here:


18 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Mama Printables

  1. Are you planning to make a front cover for this set? I would like to put together a binder for these. Also, maybe a weekly meal plan sheet instead of a daily one. This would make it easier for printing purposes. 🙂 Thanks again for creating this. I love the vintage feel, adorable!


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