Trim Healthy Mama & My Pregnancy


A lot of you had been following my pregnancy all the way through. I made a lot of posts about it because it was a pretty big event in my life! Ha! Of course it was. This pregnancy, my first, was completely new to me. I thought it might be beneficial to make one full post to sum up the whole thing. IMG_8818edit(For other new mamas researching and clicking all the pregnancy posts you can find on the Internet!) 

Trim Healthy Mama

I am so thankful that I had this tool before I found out I was pregnant. To those asking, Should I start in my pregnancy even though I’m 35 weeks along? Should I just wait until the baby is born?

No! It’s always a good time to eat healthier and I’ll say it now: it’s a whole lot easier to find the time to learn something new NOW before you have a precious, but attention-needing, little one. Before I got pregnant, I was just dabbling with eating some THM meals and got a little more serious after getting married in hopes of a little one coming along. I wanted to prepare my body for the future health of all our babies! The best thing about THM is that the main thing you learn is health. Inside of your body. Helping it prepare for a baby and building up health with every meal. As the authors mention in the book (probably in much better words and writing but this is the gist of it) … if a way of eating is not sustainable while pregnant and during every other season of life, how can you maintain it? And most of all, how is it healthy?insta28weeks

If it’s the Lord’s will, I plan on spending the majority of my next 20 years on Earth either pregnant or nursing. You can’t maintain a low carb lifestyle during these times. You’d be missing key foods for baby development and you can’t maintain milk supply without good, healthy carbs. You also can’t maintain a low fat lifestyle during these times either. You’d be missing key fats for CRITICAL baby development and you also can’t maintain milk supply without the calories you need. You see how pregnant and nursing mothers can get distraught about eating during all of this? We need both fats and carbs and yet every other “diet” or way of eating out there, shuns one of them.

Healthy Eating

So through Trim Healthy Mama, we are taught how to use both fats and carbs in a smart, helpful way without abusing food but enjoying it. Large portions and staying satisfied and energetic. S and E. And the cool thing about us mamas growing babies on the inside and outside of the womb, is that we can indulge in Crossovers! In pregnancy, this will allow us a wonderful, steady weight gain. And in nursing, it’s key to helping us lose the weight while still being able to produce milk. Crossovers and Es are both important in nursing! But my nursing post is for another time … This is pregnancy. Phew. I get distracted. I am just too psyched about this! Can you tell?



In the first trimester, I was a lucky one with morning sickness. I was on plan about 50% during this time because even though I had seen great results already, I still didn’t know about THM quite as well as I do know. Around 16 weeks, the sickness faded and I had been starting to eat THM again just a few weeks earlier. Then I had cravings. But also realized that crossovers were encouraged at this time! So I indulged in many a Ezekiel toast with peanut butter. De-lish.

I also craved chocolate milk, just like my mother had in her pregnancies and I hear more women every day on the THM Facebook page say this same thing. Not sure what it is! I had unsweetened almond milk with an on plan chocolate sauce recipe a lot. Really hit the spot! I still had my S meals and E meals and for once I got to experiment with Crossovers and S Helpers. If these terms confuse you right now, I swear it will be easier than pie in no time.dscn8285ed

Weight Gain

Now this is probably what lead you to my post. You looked up Trim Healthy Mama pregnancy and want to know how much weight you will gain. I did this too! (Unfortunately, there really isn’t a lot out there in the blogosphere about Trim Healthy Mama pregnancy. Do check out the Pregnant & Nursing THM Facebook page though! It is fullllll!)

But just like any pregnancy, there isn’t a set number. If you are eating healthy and feel good, it’s all okay! In my personal experience, I had gained five pounds before I even found out I was pregnant. The day before I went into labor, I had gained exactly twenty five pounds. BUT just a week earlier, I had reached thirty pounds gained and just lost it in those last days due to stomach issues and the normal end of pregnancy shpeel. You know.

I know you want hard numbers. I can’t give you YOUR hard numbers but this was my experience for those interested. Starting weight 135. End of pregnancy 160. Now I don’t have any other pregnancies to compare this too. But I am CERTAIN this would have been a whole lot more if I had eaten the standard pre-thm daily diet. If I went off plan in my pregnancy for just one abundant meal, I would have a three pound-ish gain that would take a few days to come off.

But please don’t worry about the scale too much! The only reason I know how much I fluctuated with off plan meals is because that’s when I’d want to step on the scale. That’s when I just FELT bigger.

editIf you read some of my old pregnancy update posts, there was about an 8 week stretch in the middle where I didn’t gain, just maintained. I can’t explain that but my baby and tummy were definitely growing bigger! The gain picked up at the end for me and I am very happy with the final weight. I feel like I can totally do this baby making thing again! And that’s what makes me the happiest.


I went on several walks throughout the week and occasionally took out a pregnancy workout DVD. I think the most beneficial thing I did was squats. Every other night and sometimes during the day, I would do five minutes straight of different kinds of squats. I also squatted when reaching down to do the laundry, picking things off the floor, etc. Always bending with my knees.

My Baby’s Health

Was there any health problems with the baby? Nope! Oliver weighed 8 lb 12 oz. Now to some, that’s a big baby! But my mom had babies that were 10+ lbs and I myself was 11 lb 2 oz. My husband was over 10 as well. So this number was perfect for me! I had a vaginal delivery with no complications and a 7.5 hour labor. I was able to start breastfeeding right away. My milk came in about three days later. He’s now getting to be a nice, chubby breastfed baby. My milk supply is abundant for him! When he first got home, I actually had to wake him up sometimes in the night so that he would eat for me. That’s how much I had.

My doctor was satisfied all the way through my pregnancy with how me and the babe were doing. I have PCOS and also a benign pituitary microadenoma (tiny brain tumor) and Trim Healthy Mama has made me feel like I don’t have either of these, even before I was pregnant.edit12094733_10207566386028146_8208317282530806434_o

My Overall Thoughts

I am confident that I will be following the Trim Healthy Mama plan throughout the rest of all my pregnancies. I recommend it to friends and family when they want something sustainable and healthy for all seasons of life. I had enough energy where there was days when I didn’t even feel pregnant. I had zero swelling and not only was I wearing my wedding ring when I delivered our baby, there were times in the pregnancy where it actually fell off my finger!


5 days before delivery.


Oliver, two hours after being born.


One week old.


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