DIY Maternity Tops


Tutorial used from Dana Made It, to fashion normal tops into maternity cuts.

Today I was in a sewing mood! I decided to take some of my old large, t-shirts and turn them into maternity tops, with the help of trusty Pinterest. It’s nice having one of those days when I actually feel like using the pins I’ve saved over the last few months.

I started with a simple tutorial from Dana Made It. Literally took me five minutes! It’s so easy and really makes a difference in how the top fits. I was very happy with it.

And since that was so fun and easy, it made me inspired to try other tutorials.

I combined a tutorial from College Fashion to make the bow on the back of the shirt and used a tutorial from Cotton and Curls for the general layout of the peplum cut (or, attempted peplum cut in my case).

I sewed the bottom of the shirt the wrong way out so I had to cut off my mistake and start that part over. So it’s a little shorter than I would like but I can always layer or wear it more for the next pregnancy when I’m not as far along. Either way, I still admire the style of the shirt and content with the way it turned out!

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