Conceiving with PCOS on Trim Healthy Mama

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor trying to portray myself as an expert on any health matters, even the specific afflictions that come along with PCOS. I am only a mother with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome who has enjoyed the benefits of the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan and seen success in reducing my symptoms. 


Before we get started with the information that I’ve gathered that goes along with the title of this post, I’d like to show you some amazing testimonials that I was given permission to share. These wonderful ladies also wanted more information out on the web about Trim Healthy Mama and those who suffer from PCOS. More specifically, to share the hope they have received from it! Their lives have changed dramatically — by babies they didn’t know they would be able to conceive.

The main reason for this post is so that I could share with you all of these stories:

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Trim Healthy Mama & My Pregnancy


A lot of you had been following my pregnancy all the way through. I made a lot of posts about it because it was a pretty big event in my life! Ha! Of course it was. This pregnancy, my first, was completely new to me. I thought it might be beneficial to make one full post to sum up the whole thing. IMG_8818edit(For other new mamas researching and clicking all the pregnancy posts you can find on the Internet!)  Continue reading

Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks


How far along: 37 weeks + 5 days

Total weight gain: 22-24 lbs. Haven’t hit that 25 lb number… yet 😉

Stretch marks: No sir.

Sleep: Not the greatest. Some nights are great and some are absolutely terrible.

Miss anything: Fitting into clothes! Even the majority of my maternity clothes don’t fit over my belly anymore. Hence the really big shirt in the picture above. It’s either clothes are way too small or too big. And for once in my life, I’m preferring the big clothes.

Cravings: Mountain Dew. All the time!

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Meal Plans 9/18 – 10/1

Last time when I did the meal plan, I planned every single day to try something different. And I decided it didn’t really help much in our situation! So I will go back to my old way of meal planning and just make a list of how many meals I believe we’ll need these two weeks.

My Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan

(for pregnancy weeks 29 – 31)

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DIY Maternity Tops


Tutorial used from Dana Made It, to fashion normal tops into maternity cuts.

Today I was in a sewing mood! I decided to take some of my old large, t-shirts and turn them into maternity tops, with the help of trusty Pinterest. It’s nice having one of those days when I actually feel like using the pins I’ve saved over the last few months.

I started with a simple tutorial from Dana Made It. Literally took me five minutes! It’s so easy and really makes a difference in how the top fits. I was very happy with it.

And since that was so fun and easy, it made me inspired to try other tutorials.

I combined a tutorial from College Fashion to make the bow on the back of the shirt and used a tutorial from Cotton and Curls for the general layout of the peplum cut (or, attempted peplum cut in my case).

I sewed the bottom of the shirt the wrong way out so I had to cut off my mistake and start that part over. So it’s a little shorter than I would like but I can always layer or wear it more for the next pregnancy when I’m not as far along. Either way, I still admire the style of the shirt and content with the way it turned out!

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